Monday, July 22, 2013

Woohoo picture day!

I had my first professional photo shoot ever yesterday.  It was insane fun and I was so excited to see the pictures!

The photographer told me to just bring everything I had for clothes and she would pick from those, so first thing in the morning me and my Mom packed up all my stuff and headed to the studio.  When we got there she took some pictures of me without my hair and make-up done.  I wasn't very happy about that because my bangs had grown out a bit and were crooked.  O.o


She also took me outside and made me run around in a mosquito-infested field with an umbrella.

I didn't have time to put all my clothes in the dryer the night before the shoot, so the jeans I'm wearing in this picture are actually damp.  (I thought she was weird for taking a picture of just my feet but now I get it.)

After that, the hair and make-up people got me ready for the first set.  My mom was the unofficial assistant and got to fix my clothes when they looked weird.  Thank you, Mommy! I love you!

I had a tiny pimple show up on the morning of the shoot and the photographer said, don't worry - if it's temporary I take it out.  Then we asked if we got all of the pictures and the photographer laughed, because there is so much work to do in Photoshop.  You can really see how much work has to go into each picture in this unedited pic (below left) compared with the final image (below right).


There was a lot of laughing (and a lot of outtakes, too...)

But even with all the laughter we managed to get some amazing pics.

The last look we went for was crazy.  This is what they had to do to my face and hair to get me ready:

I don't think I've ever had such huge hair or long eyelashes in my life!  The foam donut they used to make my hair so big is my new favourite hair accessory, though...

Right towards the end of the photo shoot the rest of my family stopped in.  My littlest brother decided he wanted a jumping picture, too.  I think he looks like a flying pencil.

The photographer says there are more pictures coming but that she is saving the very best of the best for when I finally have something recorded and maybe need a CD cover or an icon for iTunes.  I'm really just so excited and grateful for everything that's happening right now - it feels a bit like a dream.  :)

Are you coming to see me on the ATB Homegrown Stage at Big Valley Jamboree on August 2nd, 2013?  If you are, please come and say hi after the show - I'd love to meet you!  Please wish me luck to win a performance on the main stage on August 4th!